Blue Pumpkin Calligraphy

Where every beautiful element of your love story unfolds throughout each detail…

My Story

I began my beloved wedding stationery business after experiencing the pure delight of making my own wedding stationery.

W ith a degree in Medieval History & Archeology, you’ll sometimes see glimpse of my love for all things historical and heritage-related shining through in my stationery designs. And if you’re wondering where the name Blue Pumpkin Calligraphy derives from, it’s a nod towards my husband’s nickname for me, ‘Pumpkin’. Serendipitously, there also happens to be a specific calligraphy nib called ‘Blue Pumpkin’.

Long story short, it was the perfect fit for the business and from the moment I launched, I have adored every second of creating memorable wedding stationery that serves as a canvas for your celebration. It brings me endless joy to elevate life’s cherished moments with the elegance and grace that only bespoke lettering can bring.

I am endlessly devoted to ensuring quality is at the heart of Blue Pumpkin Calligraphy

Stationery That Speaks To Your Soul

I find joy in creating wedding stationery that has been crafted with personality, so that it speaks to your soul and documents the journey you have shared together. 

Taking the time to get to know you both as a couple, each piece of stationery at Blue Pumpkin Calligraphy has been crafted with sincerity and inspired by you.

I am endlessly devoted to ensuring quality is at the heart of Blue Pumpkin Calligraphy, using only premium products and materials across every aspect of my wedding stationery collections. When you hold your invitations for the very first time, I want it to feel as gorgeous as it looks. My commitment to craftmanship shines through in every detail, promising you a cherished keepsake that tells your story in the most timeless way.

Curated Wedding Stationery

Drawing inspiration from nature and beyond, my work is softly influenced by the azure blue of the ocean, the deep green of leaves found in a forest and the anticipation of flowers that bloom in spring. Renowned for curating wedding stationery that’s sincere, soulful and subtly elegant, Blue Pumpkin Calligraphy promises you a tangible heirloom that honours your love story.

Now it’s time to tell your story, one invitation at a time…

Rachel patiently guided us through countless options, ensuring that every aspect of the design reflected our personalities and style. She went above and beyond, offering suggestions and incorporating little touches that we hadn’t even considered, making the experience truly unforgettable.