The Story behind Blue Pumpkin Calligraphy

The Story behind Blue Pumpkin Calligraphy

To me, every love story is unique, crafting a tapestry woven from shared moments, heartfelt gestures and the promise of forever. As the wedding stationer behind Blue Pumpkin Calligraphy, I understand the significance of these stories, using my design work to create bespoke wedding stationery that reflects your journey together.  Today I’m bringing you the behind-the-scenes of my stationery business, where passion, creativity and dedication intertwine to curate timeless keepsakes.

The tale of Blue Pumpkin Calligraphy begins with my very own love story. In February 2020, I got engaged to my now husband. Like many couples, we eagerly began planning our wedding day, only to be met with the unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. While uncertainty loomed, we set our wedding date for August 2022 at Elmore Court. During this time ahead of the big day, I delved into the world of wedding stationery, captivated by its intricacy and beauty, not to mention the opportunity it presented to tell a story, one invitation at a time. With a background in medieval history, archaeology and a passion for conservation, in the past I have spent many hours restoring and taking care of illuminated texts and historical documents. It is no wonder that I found myself drawn to the art of calligraphy, with each stroke showcasing centuries of craftsmanship and tradition. I was officially hooked.

Lockdown provided the perfect opportunity to hone my calligraphy skills, transforming my very basic skillset to eventually flourish in the art of each letter. A workshop at Quill London became a pivotal moment, igniting a new-found adoration for stationery design and digitalisation. Armed with an array of metallic inks, I optimistically sat down and decided that I was going to write every single wedding invitation by hand, proudly posting an image of my first attempt.  Now, when I look back on that image, it is truly wonderful to see how far my skills and style have developed. I also quickly realised that it was impossible to do everything by hand, offering me a steep learning curve. Luckily, due to the covid restrictions and having to stay at home, I had plenty of time to refine my processes.

After attending an incredible stationery workshop led by Grania, the owner of Ink & Paper, I reached a turning point where I realised that this was more than just a hobby for my own celebration – it was a profession I wanted to pursue. The course allowed me to delve into the types of paper and printing options, not to mention how to use photoshop or illustrator. Learning to digitalise my own calligraphy was a huge game-changer.

I applied this new-found knowledge to my own wedding stationery, testing the waters with my Save the Date cards. There was something indescribably special about seeing the reaction of our guests as they received the invitations – reiterating just how impactful personalised wedding stationery can be. From the allure of vintage stamps to the soft touch of the handmade paper, bespoke monograms to custom venue illustrations, each piece was infused with personality, showcasing my mine and my husband’s path together. I had finished each invitation by hand adding a gold leaf, featuring a swan on a vintage stamp (that was the emblem of Elmore Court), before beautifully wrapping the paper in a vellum jacket with a hand-dyed silk ribbon and a wax seal. The envelopes were a delicate blush pink palette, where I wrote every address in full golden metallic calligraphy. Alongside my Save the Date cards, I also made our own welcome sign and seating chart by hand on a large ornate mirror.

Following our wedding day, my love affair with wedding stationery only deepened. Encouraged by friends and family, I began building Blue Pumpkin Calligraphy, a name that was inspired by my husband’s endearing nickname for me, as well as a nod to the cherished ‘Blue Pumpkin’ calligraphy nib. (My husband even has a love-heart tattoo with the word, ‘Pumpkin’ underneath it. I have a matching one but mine says, ‘Azisam’ which is Persian for ‘My Love’, which is what I call him.

I set about creating my own House Collection and signed up for my first-ever wedding fair. Fast-forward to now, Blue Pumpkin Calligraphy is the home of heartfelt, intentional and bespoke wedding stationery. From your initial enquiry to the final unveiling of each invitation, I’ll work closely with you to ensure every detail is crafted with sincerity and soul. My commitment to quality shines through in every aspect, promising you a stationery keepsake that is as memorable as your love story.

Wedding Fair Images by Nia Rose

Things That Make Me Happy

  • I love spending time learning all about my couple’s love stories and the little details that mean the world to them.
  • Discovering ways to make each piece of stationery unique to the couple, from a bespoke monogram to a custom venue illustration.
  • Calligraphy is incredibly relaxing, especially when I get to sit listening to Norah Jones in the background while writing out place cards.
  • Working with handmade paper is magical – it’s pillow-soft, tactile and romantic.

Nothing beats the feeling of receiving an enquiry for my wedding stationery. Your invitations are often the first glimpse of your special day that your guests will get and it is a huge honour to be able to bring that vision to life. Your reaction to your wedding stationery is without a doubt, the best part of my profession. Receiving photographs from couples when they unbox their designs or seeing photographs from the wedding truly makes my day. Knowing I have contributed to something so special to you is hugely important to me and is the reason behind I do what I do.

I welcome you to browse through my Wedding Stationery House Collections or to get in touch to find out more about my bespoke stationery options.

How To Plan Your Wedding Stationery Timeline

How To Plan Your Wedding Stationery Timeline

Chances are, you’ve discovered that planning your wedding day takes a lot of time and organisation – and that goes for your wedding stationery too. To help you along the way, I’ve put together a quick guide that shares when to send out your save the dates and invitations, so this part of your wedding planning goes smoothly. Keep scrolling as it’s time to get clued up on all-things wedding stationery related!

18 – 24 months prior to your wedding

  • Start your research to find your perfect wedding stationer – someone who creates designs you love and understands your wedding vision. 
  • Book a consultation to chat through your ideas and see if they are the perfect match. 
  • Order a sample so you can see the colours, texture and weight of the paper before you book. 

12 – 18 months prior to your wedding

  • Finalise your save-the-date designs and aim to send them out around 12 months before your wedding date. This gives your guests enough time to plan travel arrangements so they can celebrate with you. 
  • Your save-the-date cards are the first thing your guests will see regarding your wedding – so it’s crucial to infuse your wedding aesthetic into the design. 
  • Top tip – make your save the dates concise and simple – add your wedding date, location and a note to explain when they can expect to receive their invitation. 

10-12 months prior to your wedding

  • Start the collaborative design process with your wedding stationer to decide on a design for your wedding invitations. 
  • Choose the information you want to include in your invitations such as travel, accommodation, timings, venue and menu options. 

Image by Cherrelle Blake Photography

6-8 months prior to your wedding

  • Place your invitation order with your stationer. This will allow a few weeks for printing and delivery and will give you some wiggle room with timings. 
  • You will then have your invitations ready to post to your guests at your convenience. 

Image by Anita K Photography

1 – 2 months prior to your wedding

  • If you have decided to have signage, menu cards or place names etc then this is the time to be choosing the final designs and ordering these items. 
  • It is important to remember that you might need your guests RSVPs before ordering personalised stationery, such as seating charts or place names as you need to know who is attending. 

Images by Kirsty Mackenzie

1-3 months after prior to your wedding

  • If you want to send personalised or generic thank you cards to your guests, after your honeymoon, this is the perfect time to be thinking about ordering these. 

With a clear plan (and not being afraid to ask your wedding stationer questions along the way – I’m always here to answer any queries), you should have a seamless experience designing and ordering your wedding stationery. Remember, this timeline is a flexible guide and your specific wedding details may differ – e.g. for destination weddings then you might want to send out save the dates a little earlier. 

With Blue Pumpkin Calligraphy, I’ll be there to guide you and offer advice every step of the way. I want your wedding stationery experience to feel relaxed, so that you can enjoy the process of crafting heartfelt stationery while staying on top of your timeline! If you’d like to find out more about my semi-customisable stationery collection or you have your hearts set on something truly bespoke, I welcome you to get in touch to find out more!